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Medicines pertaining to cancer diseases are very costly which even the middle class patients are unable to afford. Thus the society endeavors to provide the free of cost medicines to both outdoor and indoor poor patients.


Cancer Patients suffer from acute pains which make their lives miserable. Their family members cannot afford to pay for the pain killer medicines due to poor financial position . The society arranges pain killer medicines for needy patients to provide them relief on regular basis.


Religious therapy takes place separately for men and women twice a month. A knowledgeable lady comes and delivers a lecture regarding a pre-selected religious topic. After the recitation of the Holy Quran, the lady delivers the lecture following by question answer session and discussions. The participants recite Salam and Durood from time to time. After the whole session a collective prayer is held. Psychologically this therapy is very effective and helps the patients to face the realities of life and to accept them without complaints. A part form this recitation of Holy Quran is played through CD in clear and pleasing tone simultaneously in all the wards daily in the morning.


Two recreation rooms have been managed. One of them is for women and children made in 1999. The other one was arranged exclusively for men in 2002. The patients who get tired of gloomy atmosphere of their ward or the attendants who need relaxation and children who want to play come to this room. The recreation room has a colored television, different toys, easy chairs and cartoons have been displayed on the walls for the children. The room is fully carpeted to make it more comfortable. It helps the patients to forget about their worries and diseases for a while and enjoy themselves. All of these things are given by generous people as donations.


INMOL have facility of 70 beds for indoor patients. However, the number of patients who needs indoor facility is much high, i.e. 100-200. Most of them have no place to stay overnight.Ai?? A house near INMOL is being used for overnight stay of patients who are not accommodated in INMOL Ward.The house is named INMOL House voluntarily run by the honors, provides a bed for patient along with attendant and three meals a day. All this arrangement is free of cost. INMOL ambulance provides pick and drop to these patients.


A new ward for leukemia patients has been added in the INMOL facilities. The ward is now fully operated. The society arranges adoption of individual patients by donors who take full responsibility of their treatment. Blood transfusion through the cell separator is also provided by PWSI.


Poor cancer patients and their attendants who have talents for sewing, cutting and embroidery etc, work in this unit and generate their own income. A teacher is there to help and guide them. Purpose to start this service is to help a person to stand on his own feet instead of asking for charity. The items prepared in this regard are sold in exhibition held once in a year and labor charges are paid to the person who made the items.


The patients who come to INMOL are mostly economically poor and canai??i??t afford healthy diet, which is essential for their recovery. Since February 2001 the indoor patients are given free meals three times a day. Apart from a nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner, milk shake, ice cream and fresh fruit juices are also included in the diet plan.. These meals are again arranged by donations.


This is specially done in the month of Ramadan. People voluntarily provide food to the indoor patients for Iftar / Sehr the whole month. Housewives prepare Iftaries themselves and distribute it in the wards daily. Eid gifts are also given to the indoor and outdoor patients, which includes clothes, bangles and toys for kids.


A year ago INMOL Hospital decided to arrange an exhibition of used house hold articles given by people in donations. Since then two exhibitions has been arranged in the year 2003. Most of the goods found in charity are given to the patients free of cost but the things that are of no use for the patients are sold. These things include clothes like pants or other clothes not worn by the patients, decoration pieces, shoes, sofa covers, tea cozies, movie cameras and other such things. These things are than sold on very low prices and are mostly bought by the lower staff members or other poor people. Sometimes heavily embroidered clothes are also given to the patients on their or their family member’s wedding, thus helping the patients in a lot of aspects.

Umeed palliative care center

Umeed Palliative Care Center is a specialized healthcare facility that focuses on providing healthcare to individuals whose files have been closed (their cancer is at that stage where it cannot be cured anymore.

The primary goal of palliative care is to relieve the symptoms, pain, and stress associated with last-stage cancer. It addresses patients’ and their families’ physical, emotional, psychosocial, and spiritual needs.

Patient Welfare Society Inmol Cancer Hospital started this project for better care of their Patients in 2021, named Umeed Palliative Care Center.

About UPCC:

  • A Kanal house is dedicated to UPCC
  • Giving their services through qualified and dedicated staff
  • Having a fully organized set up of 22 beds with 2 male and 2 female wards.
  • UPCC also provides its patients with Private rooms.
  • UPCC has a qualified team of doctors and nurses available 24/7 for needy patients.
  • Both outdoor and Indoor facilities are available.
  • Our Services are:
    1. Free Medicines
    2. Home Care
    3. Pain Management
    4. Mental Health
    5. Diet
    6. Social Support
    7. Rehabilitation

All of above said facilities are provided to needy poor patients by kind cooperation of people who have been bestowed with money by GOD. Please donate for these patients and get a lot by their smiles and prays.