Mrs. Yasmeen Zia


Retd. Social Welfare Officer Govt Of Punjab.Woking with PWS-INMOL since 2004 as member of Kitchen Committee,Pain Killer Committee, Leukemia Committe,etc.

Mrs. Riffat Mohsin

Senior vice president

House wife, working with PWS-INMOL??Since 2005 as a member of kitchen Committee and Rehabilitation Committee. Trustee in a trust school of PCSIR Lahore.

Dr. Misbah Masood

Vice President

Consultant Clinical Oudogist (HOD) Inmol

Dr. Abubakar Shahid

General Secretary

Director INMOL ,Chief Medical Officer ,Consultant Radiation Oncologist ,Working with PWS-INMOL since 2012.

Mrs. Masooma Raiz

Joint Secretary

Deputy Chief Scientist INMOL. Working with PWS-INMOL since 2012 as member of Kitchen Committee,Rehabilitation Committee, I.T Committee etc.

Mis Maryam Faiz

Finance Secretary

Principal Scientist Join PWS in 2016

Mrs. Naseem Akhtar

Information Secretary

Deputy Chief Scientist , Join PWS in 2012

Dr. Mussudque

Executive Member

Medical Officer INMOL 2019

Dr. Aamira Shami

Executive Member

Consultant Onologist Chief Medical Officer  2008

Mrs. Rubina Tariq

Executive Member

House Wife. Working with PWS-INMOL since 2008 as member of Pain killer committee.

Dr. Nadia Sajid

Executive Member

Principal Medical Officer 2012

Mrs. Nusrat Sheikh

Executive Member

House Wife. Working with PWS-INMOL since 2012 as member of Rehabilation Committee , Leukemia Committee. Now working as a Vice President of Rehabilation centre.

Mrs. Sabiha Quddus

Executive Member

Join PWS in 2008, Rehabilitation Committee

Ms. Sumbal Mahmud

Executive Member

Kitchen committee member since 2008

Mrs. Saeeda Abbas

Executive Member

Medical Socail Officer, Join PWS in 2012