You can donate your Zakat, Sadqat and other donations to PWS Inmol various ways to donate,

  1. Donate for medicine either money or medicines can be donated (List of medicines required can be taken from President PWS office).
  2. Adopt a patient and bear its expenditure of treatment.
  3. Donate for free food for patients money or in in kind donation.
  4. Donate for purchasing hospital equipment.
  5. Donate for hospital development.
  6. Donate for Radiation Treatment, PET Scanning, Platelet Kit etc of poor patients.
  7. Donate new clothes for winter/summer for needy patients.
  8. Donate used house hold items and clothes etc to be given to poor patients or to be sold and spending income for rehabilitation of poor patients.
  9. Donate for rehabilitation of poor patients after their treatment is completed.
  10. Donate your time by participating in the activities of rehabilitation unit PWS.

Following are details of accounts,


Account Title : Anjuman behbood-e-marizan inmol
Account : 0212-0102188854
Branch Code : 0212
Bank Name : Meezan Bank LTD
Bank Address : Hunza Block Allama Iqbal Town.Lahore
IBAN# : PK80MEZN0002120102188854
Swift Code : MEZNPKKA


Account Title : Anjuman behbood-e-marizan inmol
Branch Code : 1607
Bank Name : National Bank Of Pakistan
Bank Address : New Muslim Town.Lahore
Donation Account No : 2323-5
Pain Killer Account No : 8098-7
Zakat Account No : 2688-4
Food Account No : 2995-2
Leukemia Account No : 3045-0

Your can also visit PWS office for your donations. Please get a receipt of every donation. Donations are exempted from income tax vide order no.